Top 4 Platforms to Market Your Explainer Videos

//Top 4 Platforms to Market Your Explainer Videos

Top 4 Platforms to Market Your Explainer Videos

You can spend a lot of time and resources to make high-quality and engaging explainer videos, but if you don’t market them, nobody will watch them. Marketing your explainer videos is one of the most important steps in creating awareness for your brand because you need the eyeballs to make money. While you can promote your explainer videos for free on social media platforms and forums, these platforms offer the best possibilities for success.

Market your explainer videos on Vimeo

Vimeo is growing fast. It’s a video sharing platform that allows individuals and businesses to upload, share and watch videos. It is one of the best places to market your explainer videos. It lets users share videos on just about any device, including computers, tablets, phones, and even TVs. The privacy settings on Vimeo are easy to understand, so you won’t find trouble using it. It also harbors a vibrant community of video fanatics and creators, so you’ll get real-time support if you run into problems when uploading, and sharing your explainer videos.

Use to promote your explainer videos

This platform not only allows you to market your explainer videos, but also lets you create your own whiteboard explainer videos without the need to have design skills or technical knowledge. With this platform, you’re free to use royalty free images and music to make your explainer videos.

Wistia is a great platform to market your explainer videos

This is the platform where business experts mingle with video experts. Wistia offers professional level video hosting, as well as innovative tools to market your explainer videos. Here, you have the chance to convert passive viewers into brand evangelists. It allows easy video embedding and sharing and works on just about any device. The opportunities for customizing and marketing your videos with Wistia are endless.

Market your explainer videos easily with Wideo

Wideo is a user-friendly platform to make and market your explainer videos. It lets you create great quality videos easily and quickly to make the first impression with your prospective clients and investors. Also, those in the education sector can use this platform to create videos to engage their students with animated lessons and motivate them with innovative projects.


There is a ton of platforms out there to market your explainer videos today. All have their upsides and downsides. But the ones highlighted above offer the greatest possibilities for success in your explainer video marketing campaigns.