The Downsides to Using Template Explainer Videos

//The Downsides to Using Template Explainer Videos

The Downsides to Using Template Explainer Videos

When thinking of making product explainer videos, you’ll be faced with two choices; create a custom explainer video or template explainer video. Template explainer videos involve making videos with pre-made animations. It’s a quick and cheap way to create explainer videos. On the other hand, custom explainer videos involve creating a video from scratch. While template explainer videos can be made easily and quickly, they have a host of disadvantages, such as:

Template explainer videos don’t engage viewers

The main aim of making an explainer video is to communicate your product or service easily and engage viewers into taking action. Because template videos are created using pre-made animations, they are not exactly customized for the customer. In other words, you don’t have the freedom to customize the characters and background to align with your audience’s interests, and so, they may just click away.

Template explainer videos can water down your brand’s trust

Template explainer videos have a host of bad characteristics; they are not well made, they are not of great quality, and send an impression of being cheap. In this day and age where quality is the currency, you stand to lose a lot if you showcase low-quality explainer videos. Low-quality videos will also be construed as lack of professionalism, and your brand trust will erode quickly.

Template explainer videos can cause your search engine rankings to plummet

When people visit your business website and watch your low-quality template videos, they will abandon it in droves. This can impact your search engine rankings. Google uses dwell time as a metric when allocating search engine rankings. So when Google finds that people are not staying longer on your site, it will assume that your website doesn’t offer any value, and it will lower your ranking.

Template explainer videos can lead to poor marketing results

The new generation of customers is savvy enough. They know what quality is and what is not. So you may burn money trying to promote your template explainer videos, but customers won’t take any action. Plus, you will get a lot of negative reviews on places like social media. It only takes one negative review for customers to start looking at your business sideways.


If you’re a serious business owner, by all means, avoid template explainer videos. These kinds of videos may work for nonprofit entities, but not profit-oriented businesses. Today, you can find video production agencies that don’t charge a ton of money to make explainer videos for you. You just have to get out there to find them.