4 Reasons Why Startups Need Explainer Videos

//4 Reasons Why Startups Need Explainer Videos

4 Reasons Why Startups Need Explainer Videos

If you’ve ever operated a startup, then you know that it’s a daunting task to market it, more so if you’re selling a unique product or service. With a startup, you have two challenges; to set up a new brand and explain to your target audience what you do exactly and how your products or services are unique to the competition. And by now you know that the modern day customers have short attention spans, so they might not be able to sit down and listen to a long presentation or read a long block of text that describes your product or service. Therefore, as a startup, the solution lies in explainer videos because they are characteristically short, magnetic and precise.

Here is a comprehensive rundown of why startups need explainer videos

Explainer videos are characteristically short

We’ve already highlighted that the modern day customer has a shorter attention span. So you don’t want them to abandon you because of overwhelming information. You can comprehensively pass across your brand message in 60 to 90 seconds with an explainer video. The short nature of product explainer videos compels you to place more emphasis on the main points.

Explainer videos bring out your culture

When starting out, nobody knows about your business yet. You will need to include music, images, script and characters in your explainer videos. The choice of music, images, and characters will reveal the nature of your brand and culture. It will help your target audience get a clear sense of who you really are.

Explainer videos break down hard topics for customers to understand

By now you know that explainer videos have to fit a specific short format. If your startup offers a unique product that needs a lot of explaining, an explainer video will break it down into easy to understand copy. Experts know how to write an explainer video script that breaks down complex information into palatable copy for the reader.

Explainer video offers the greatest possibilities for your product or service to go viral

If you want to skyrocket your search engine rankings, creating high-quality videos and uploading them to YouTube is the surefire way. The fact that YouTube is a Google product means it’s given a higher ranking recognition. If you upload your explainer videos on YouTube, they might be shared a lot and might just go viral.


Making explainer videos doesn’t have to be a lot of work in today’s technologically driven world. The difficult part is writing the script. Once you have the script, everything else becomes a piece of cake.